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Chrome Diopside is a semiprecious gemstone.




COLOR: Green


MAKE: Machine-faceted 


SHAPE: Round


Stone Size: 3-3.5 mm   


Strand size: minimum 12.5" long


Easy to use to create your own designs or to wear as it is!



Made in and directly imported from India

Expert Assortment in shape, size, and color





Despite having been around for a long time, they were only discovered in 1988, where they were mainly outsourced from Siberia. Today, the biggest supplier in the diopside market is Pakistan.

Though this was once considered a substitute for emeralds, this semiprecious stone is gaining its own reputation for its variety in shades of green and sizes that are being found.

3 ~ 3.5mm Chrome Diopside Gemstone Bead Necklace

SKU: Cromdiobside 2377
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