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Blue Zircon is a semiprecious gemstone






MAKE: Machine-faceted 


SHAPE: Rondelle


Stone Size: 2 mm   


Strand size: minimum 13.5" long


Easy to use to create your own designs or to wear as it is!




Made in and directly imported from India

Expert Assortment in shape, size, and color





According to AGTA, American Gem Trade Association, the blue zircon is one of the oldest materials on earth. This incredible gemstone is about to withstand so much pressure, that some stones date back to being four billion years old. 

Highly popular during Victorian times, it was known to be popular mourning jewelry, also said to have been used to bring balance among emotional, spiritual, and physical states.

This is also a known December birthstone.

Zircon Gemstone Bead Necklace

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