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Black Spinel is a semiprecious gemstone.






COLOR: Black


MAKE: Machine-faceted 


SHAPE: Faceted Nugget


Stone Size: 18-15 * 13-12mm   


Strand size: 16" long


Easy to use to create your own designs or to wear as it is!






Made in and directly imported from India

Expert Assortment in shape, size, and color






Spinel is considered by GIA to be one of the worlds most underappreciated stones, along with being rare to find in the market, Being one of the rarest colors in the spinel family, black spinel is often confused with black diamonds. 

Rating 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, it is a tough and durable stone, making it perfect for everyday-wear jewelry.

As considered since ancient times, healing properties of this stone include finding calmness and letting go of resentment within the wearer, as well as functioning of healthy intestines and female reproductive systems.

Recently, AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), has declared spinel to be one of the newest birthstones of August.

Black Spinel Gemstone Bead Necklace

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