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Color Psychology

How Colors & Emotions Connect

Our Color

Have you ever wondered how you can conjure up emotions that you actually WANT to feel? Let us show you how.... through color psychology.

Our Inspiration

Color Psychology is the study of how different colors can evoke different emotions in us, also boosting the image we want to give off to others. Dr. Dawnn Karen, the Mother of Fashion Psychology and author of "Dress Your Best Life," significantly influenced our jewelry designs at Ethereal Colors. Her extensive teachings in fashion psychology and color theory sparked our initiative to help connect the consumer to their desired emotions. With our bright, vibrant, and slick colors, Ethereal Colors will help you feel confident, calm, sexy, and everything in between.


Pink Sapphire, Pink Amethyst, Morganite, Tourmaline

Most people know pink to be the "girly" color, from gender reveals to feminist symbolism... but did you know that it was originally the color for baby boys because it was seen as "masculine" and considered to be a POWER color! 

Fast forward to today, pink is now widely used as a unisex color. It promotes and evokes a passive, non-threatening, mood. It is a favorite among both preppy and feminine dressers, and a little pink sparkle from your jewelry will give the perfect flirty touch.


Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Tanzanite

Blue, in all of its hues, promotes the feelings of serenity, stability, and trust. The two parts of our world that remain constant, the sky and the ocean, are both blue, so it is not a coincidence that our brain reads this color as loyal and secure. 



We see a lot of blue in government officials, from police uniforms to politicians always wearing a navy blue color. This comes from the idea of portraying a sense of authority, which ultimately leads to gaining trust. Trust us when we say, our blue jewels will emit authority and an internal sense of stability in you.



Emerald, Peridot, Sapphire, Tsavorite

Have you ever worn the color green and wondered why you feel so full of life, yet grounded? It has always been seen as a lucky color across the globe, having become increasing popular in Western culture in recent times. Paired in its classic combo with blue, these earthy colors connect us back to the Earth.


It has long been associated with renewal, spring, and wealth, especially in traditional Chinese Feng Shui. So, you can be sure to attract some type of balance within your life!




Purple Sapphire, Amethyst

Widely known as the symbol of power, wealth, and status, the color purple has a very royal history (literally). Rarely found in nature, this has been a very expensive and difficult color to produce, so only those who could afford to have it made were privy to this luxury. Many royal families in history have chosen purple for their own wardrobes, sometimes even banning the regular person from wearing it.

Today, we should be taking full advantage of including at least a touch of purple in our outfits. Its relationship to creativity and association with spirituality, are some of the most common uses today. This color is sure to let people know that you are a high-valued person. 


Brown Sapphire, Chocolate Diamonds, Smokey Quartz, Sun Stone

Grounding. Stable. Reliable. These are the emotions that are evoked when we are faced with the beautiful color brown. Brown was not always given the credit it should have been, because it was historically seen as one of the "boring" colors. However, recent trends have brought this color back in demand, and now there are more shades of brown than you can imagine.

"Nude" colors are those shades of pinks and browns that have been filled in stores, from clothing to interior design and now... to jewelry. An increasingly popular fashion choice, brown is often seen as earthy, and what better way to connect to your roots than in a classic, elegant brown.


Yellow Sapphire, Lemon Quartz

When you think of something yellow, isn't it usually something bright? This is because yellow is usually symbolic of happiness, hope, and cleanliness. This color was regarded with so much value, that even the emperors from the Qing Dynasty during the mid-1600's reserved this color for the royal family only. 

When looking at jewelry specifically in the hues of yellow, a little bit of yellow can go a long way. Maybe a glimpse of yellow among multicolor sapphires or a fully yellow ring can add the perfect brightness and uplifting feeling that you want to evoke on any given day.


Garnet, Ruby, Rhodolite

The color red has a long, meaningful history, especially for gemstones. They have always been seen as repellant against evil eyes. Having been worn to ward off disease and keep the wearer healthy and of good vitality. Today, however, the color red has a lot more to it.

As some may know, Eastern cultures wear or decorate using the color red for good fortune. Throughout the world, however, red is seen as one of the most powerful, energizing, bold, and sexy colors. Wearing even a touch of red can help your authoritative power, simultaneously emphasizing your sexual appeal.



Diamonds, White Topaz, White Sapphire, Cubic Zirconia

Onto the basics, white evokes the feelings of virtue, freshness, and innocence. When we think of white, we think of the 'white light,' angels, and even doves signifying peace. 

Overall, the one wearing white carries a connotation of simple beauty and elegance. 

"When a woman wears white, there's no chance she'll be missed, and no mistaking she has something to say" - Dr. Dawnn Karen



Black Diamond, Black Onyx, Black Spinel

Those who are from New York knows that this is by far the trendiest, most easily styled color. People can dress up black to show sophistication, luxury, and serious. It readily builds up confidence, while at the same time, deflecting unwanted attention to remain anonymous. 

Black is such a versatile color that it is nearly impossible to leave out of your wardrobe, and that should also include jewelry! 

"I don't bother you - don't bother me!" - Designer Yohji Yamamoto in the NY Times

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